Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Junior Mints and Bigger Hips

                I like to eat my feelings. I admit it. On the other hand, I like to eat in general, so maybe I just like the excuse to eat some more.

                Ugh, I shouldn’t eat so much! I’ve already accepted the fact that I’m never going to be slim, tall, or any socially appropriate form of beauty. I’m a 4’ 10” half-Mexican, half-British combo meal of a small and curvy composition. Surprisingly enough, I’ve come to like it. Everything from my strong, British nose to my short, wide (or luscious, as I like to call them) thighs. I even like my boobs. I’ve considered naming them, like my best friends has to her own (Bonnie and Clyde—great gals, really), but I never remember names so I just gave up on that.

                My problem isn’t hating my curves or my wide build. Not even my stumpy height. It’s that I want to be fit.

                I want to eat well. Not just “not eating pure death.” I don’t survive on reheated pizzas through college like some, but I want to become a master of taking care of my body. It’s probably no secret by now that I have a thing for progression, and perfecting myself. I’m not very good at it, but I plan on changing that about myself too—EVENTUALLY!

                I have a guy friend named Bra—uh, we’ll call him B here. B is always screaming “Eventually!” I’m pretty sure it’s a reference to something, since everything that comes out of his mouth is. I thought I was a monsto-nerd until I met him. Then I realized I only knew half of the underbelly of the internet. He knows 150% of it. Does anyone get that reference? It’s involves striking a dramatic pose and screaming “Eventually” in a rather heroic voice. Someone. Help me.

                Anyway. I want some Oreos, and a Hershey’s chocolate bar, and a box of Junior Mints. Actually, I might even settle for the Junior Mints. In fact, yes, I would. I’m pretty sure I’d marry Junior Mints if it was legal to do so...

...and also legal to eat your spouse. 

If anyone wanted to kidnap me and sell me on the black market in Amsterdam, basically all they’d need would be a big box of Junior Mints and a net. I might not even struggle.

             Guys, what do I do? Poor people used to eat healthy because healthy food was all they could afford. I’m a college student in the U.S.’s Days of Obesity—which means that cheap food equals trash food. I don’t like spending money. I don’t like surviving on Kraft Macaroni (hate that stuff—if you’re planning on kidnapping me, don’t use that as your lure. I’ll run the other way). So what do I do? How do I save money and nourish my poor, 4’ 10” halfie body?

                I don’t like the answer, but I can practically hear my mother whispering it in my ear. “Victory Garden.”    

              Unfortunately, the closest thing I have to a victory garden is this:

Anyone else have an idea? Any super-special eating well advice out there for a lonely college girl?


  1. Well, I've started using this new app called MyFitnessPal. It helps you keep track of your calories and your exercise schedule, and you can set it if you want to lose weight, stay the same weight, or gain weight (for people with health problems). It's a really awesome app, and it's helped me at least START to eat healthier and actually exercise. So you could try it.

    Haha. And yes. Our nameless friend is very dramatic that way. And *I* don't even know that reference. Probably to some anime we both haven't seen.

  2. Oh, that sounds awesome! The moment I get an iphone, that app is mine, baby.

    Also, the moment B read this blog post, he sat me down and taught me the reference. It's an Amanda Show skit! If Hilarious and Nostalgia had a baby, it would be this video.


  3. Portion control is what its all about Sweety. A lot of American's would save a lot of calories if they just drank water instead of juice or soft drinks. Avoid artificial sweetened substitutes too.
    However, I am no better off than you when it comes to eating healthy on a budget. Give me a bar of chocolate or a wheat bread sandwich and I'll take the chocolate bar (if it's big enough). But fresh fruit is good sub for candy (bu usually more expensive, so...?

  4. Bonnie and Clyde! I know the book that's referring to, and it's awesome.

    As for being healthy, I'm trying to figure that out myself. I made a goal to eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal, even breakfast, and it's been ok so far. But suddenly I'm hearing about how exercise often makes a bigger difference than what you eat, which definitely complicates the matter. Exercise takes time. Things that take time are not favorites of college students'.

    So healthy eating takes money, and exercise takes time. It really comes down to which one you are more willing to give up.

    1. There's just never an easy answer to this stuff, huh? ;) Ah, well, if it means enough to me I'll make the right trade off.
      Definitely a good idea to incorporate one of those per meal, though. But what is this "vegetable" of which you speak?