Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yeah, My Pants Fell Down

Hey guys! It's been a while, so I thought I'd apologize with a self-depreciating, and generally hilarious, story about how I lost my pants one night at a park. 

Ready? Set, go!

So, My Pants Fell Down      

My roommates and I were swinging on swings. I was wearing sweatpants which, as I’ve now learned, are extremely slippery and should not, under any circumstances, be worn out on adventurous activities. Ever.

Don't let the comfy fabric fool you. Sweatpants are secretly plotting your demise.

This is a very important lesson, guys. You want to know how I learned it? Well, my friend B decided to tickle me. My tickle-sense works differently than most, though, so instead of a giggle, I basically exploded, slipped off my swing, and apparently, so did my pants.

My roommates immediately busted out laughing. My butt was cold, so I reached around and pulled my pants back up, but the fact that my booty had been exposed didn’t quite compute yet. Luckily, B hadn’t realized what had happened either (thank you, dimly lit parks, I’ll never complain about you again). Then, when I realized I was sitting on my neck, and my pants were finally back up around my waist where they should be, I paused. I looked at the stars. Considered life for a split second. 

Then I roared with laughter.

B helped me up, sniggering awkwardly and with a slightly confused expression. I, still laughing, slugged him straight in the ribs. He took it like a champ.

You’re a good man, B. But if you ever tickle me again, you’ll be a good, dead man. 

I reserve this face for the worst offenses: tickling, and the misuse of "their" and "they're"

What’s today’s moral of the story?

Don’t where sweatpants to parks.


What's the most embarrassing story you have? Does it involve sweatpants, strange guy-friends, or parks? I sincerely hope not, for you sake.
Unless it's this guy in a dimly lit park. Then I just envy you.